Vuvuvultures – Pills Week

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I just wanted to share this video directed by my good friends Tim Main and Joe Dixon.

They were very kind to help me out in my early days of directing and have gone on to prove themselves to be quite excellent directors.

I was honoured when they asked me to be Director of Photography for their new video that is currently premiering on Mint Magazine. It was a cold, cold day on Hackney Marshes but the sun was out and a great little crew pulled together to produce this little gem. I left that day not quite knowing what to expect from the final video as the post production sounded like an immense undertaking…..but wow they certainly took it to another planet.

The footage was shot on a handheld on a Canon 5D, which increased the complexity of creating 3D effects like the cliff and monster assembled from body parts. Inevitably perhaps, late nights ensued which directors Tim and Joe embraced with enthusiasm and the result is a quirky journey which mirrors the genre-busting track.

Great work.

Artist Vuvuvultures
Track Pills Week
Directed by Tim & Joe
Produced by Colonel Blimp
Director of Photography Dan Lowe


Vuvuvultures – Pills Week