Motion control for Cheryl Cole

by | Dec 1, 2009 | 0 comments

I worked with Saam one of the most acclaimed music video directors  in the business to help him achieve his highly technical concept for Cheryl Cole’s 3 Words video.

Something that hadn’t been attempted before -a one camera move with a second camera breaking off to film an alternative camera path then re-joining the existing camera. He asked me to design the motion control moves to achieve his vision.

Mark Roberts, Mark Roberts Motion Control: “It would have been extremely hard to achieve this programming a motion control rig hence we relied heavily on pre-vized moves from the post production company (The Mill). The moves were solved on set using IKTRIX motion control move-solver software and where then simply fed into MRMC Flair and the rig then performed the moves. The restrictions in the set meant that the track had to be laid in a position that could achieve the entire move.”

Adam Grint, Lead Flame, The Mill explains: “The idea was to have a continuous split screen over the full length of the promo showing different parts of the same environment and then at various points through the video, this environment would join to become a full frame.  When the two sides come together, the two motion control cameras are following precisely the same path and when the screen splits off, the cameras are themselves splitting off and going in their own direction.

“The end result is fantastic and it was great to be working with such a committed and vibrant team as director Saam and Paul at Partizan.”

Artist | Cheryl Cole feat

Track | 3 Words

Director | Saam

Production | Partizan

Director of Photography | Alex Barber

Motion Control Moves Director | Dan Lowe

Post Production | The Mill