A Different Perspective

Behind the Scenes

The film should engage the viewers from the outset. Starting with shocking, exciting or dramatic visuals to capture their interest and imagination. It should last no longer than 2 minutes.

A powerful message should run through the film, this should be one voice and someone who is connected and beyond passionate about not only this project, but about WWF as a whole and everything that is happening right now. I feel Tanya should be the one to do this. We don’t need to do any talking head footage, just using an earnest and dedicated voice that doesn’t feel scripted will sit perfectly.

Using the visuals from the filming in South Africa, capturing the animals, the people, the landscape and the passion alongside the creative and technical aspects of the post-production process in London, we will have a fantastic palette to edit with.

In South Africa I will film both live action and timelapse elements of the filming, the travelling and the people we meet. In London I will film smooth timelapse moves at Time-Based-Arts of the development of the CG elephant. The footage will glide through the offices and workspaces with the computer monitors being the focus of each shot. The artists will almost be a blur as their hands effortlessly perform magic on the screen. We see the elephant coming to life from reference images, to wireframes, to models and then textures and movement.

The technical details of constructing the elephant in computer software is a strong metaphor for the project and a message that must be heard. We don’t need to know about the nitty gritty of how the each pixel is created or manipulated, just showing the process in a fluid and engaging way will provide a great juxtaposition with the words spoken.

We will include video portraits of a lot of the team members. Static shots that capture certain members of the whole team looking through the lens. These will be simple but powerful shots that are placed throughout the edit. Rangers standing in the Savannah, the director in a hotel lobby with his equipment, a CG artist in front of his workstation and of course Tanya, ready to deliver a critical message at a conference.

Thank You!