Rag’n’Bone Man – ‘Human’ | Charlie Robins

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360º timeslice for Rag N Bone Man, Human, music video

Director, Charlie Robins, and production company, Forever Pictures, approached me to shoot a 360º timeslice section for the music video for Rag N Bone Man’s track Human.

Timeslice, is a technique made famous by The Matrix film where the subject is shot by multiple DSLR stills cameras in fixed positions. When the frames are combined they create the illiusion that the subject is in suspended animation. I have filmed timeslice previously for the World B Boy championship in Soweto, sponsored by Red Bull, using 70 cameras positioned around the circular dance floor.

For the Rag N Bone Man music video I shot the timeslice with only one handheld camera. This was possible because the director wanted the characters to hold their poses meaning I could step in to predefined camera positions and capture each frame that would make up the 360º animation.

For each character I captured two rotations each with a different focal length and camera height providing the editor with a choice of shots.

The end result was great for the edit, but terrible for my knees and back!





Artist | Rag N Bone Man
Track | Human
Director | Charlie Robins
Director of Photography | Dan Stafford Clark
360º timeslice photographer | Dan Lowe
Production Company | Forever Pictures